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Episode 006 - DJ Dex aka Nomadico

Nomadico's "Shards" mix remembers the future of Techno beginning with restlessness and urgency. A time where disco, funk, hip-hop and electro rocked hood parties via boomboxes, DIY recordings and sound systems. This expertly crafted 110 minute mix of Techno Funk and Electro regenerates that energy for 2024. It includes timeless music from legends and unsung heroes. Everyone from Detroit’s Underground Resistance, Los Hermanos and AUX88 to Blixaboy, Force Placement, 1Morning, D. Strange, Shawescape, Max Watts and Huey Mnemonic. Each section of the mix features a track from Nomadico’s Shards album coming soon via his Yaxteq label and Submerge Distribution. The mix was created 100% live, no edits, multi-tracking or automated synchronization required.

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