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The world's first Techno museum


Exhibit 3000 is the world's first and only techno museum. We invite you to visit and learn the history of Detroit Techno and the sound that forced the world into the future!

2023 Open Hours

Exhibit 3000 and our record store will be open to the public on these dates. (Please, 20-person capacity in the exhibit and store.)


Tue. 30 __ 12p-4p

Wed. 31 _ 12p-4p


Thu. 1 ____ 2p-4p

Fri. 2 ____ 12p-4p

Fri. 9 ____ 12p-6p

Sat. 10 __ 12p-6p

Sun. 11 __ 12p-4p

Guided tours are temporarily unavailable! 

You are still welcome to visit and walk through Exhibit 3000 

Frequent questions

For all other questions please contact: Cornelius Harris at

What is Exhibit 3000?

This is the world’s first exhibit/museum that addresses the phenomena known as Detroit Techno. The museum explains from beginning to present on how Techno evolved in Detroit, and who was involved in the development of it.

How do I visit the museum or store? 


2023 open hours are posted above.

All other visits are by appointment only. To book a tour contact Cornelius Harris or John Collins. We do not work 24/7, so please be patient - We will respond as soon as we can. 

Are you open during Movement? 

During Memorial weekend into June, we have daily public open hours for both tours and the records store. 2023 open hours are posted above.

How much does a tour cost?

Guided tours are at no cost, we rely on records, merchandise, and donations for support.

To make a donation click here.

Can I bring professional photo gear?

Professional recordings/photography is only allowed with an express permit by Cornelius Harris or John Collin.

Where is Exhibit 3000 located?

The Museum is located Somewhere in Detroit. Guided tours are by appointment only. The exact address will be sent once a tour is confirmed.

Help support Detroit Techno

Donations and purchases are appreciated, Thank you for helping us preserve and fund the past, present, and future of Detroit music.

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